About Immediate Implant

Immediate implant placement is a dental procedure where a missing or extracted tooth is replaced with an implant immediately after extraction. This technique, also known as same-day implants, reduces the treatment timeline by combining tooth extraction and implant placement in a single session. The process involves careful extraction, followed by immediate insertion of a dental implant into the socket. This approach is viable when there’s adequate bone support. Immediate implants offer benefits such as preserving bone structure and minimizing downtime. While not suitable for all cases, they provide an efficient solution for qualified candidates seeking a quicker tooth replacement option with reduced overall treatment duration.

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image of an immediate implant, showcasing a seamless integration with surrounding teeth.

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Choose Dant Heal for Immediate Implants: Our clinic offers expertise in immediate implant placement techniques, personalized treatment plans, advanced technology, and comprehensive care. Our dental professionals are highly skilled in achieving successful and efficient immediate implant procedures. With a focus on individualized care, we design customized treatment plans based on thorough evaluations to ensure the best outcomes. By utilizing advanced techniques and technology, we enhance accuracy and success rates. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive support throughout your immediate implant journey, prioritizing your comfort and satisfaction. Trust us to restore your smile with exceptional results and a comfortable experience.

Procedure of Immediate Implant

  1. Evaluation of oral health and tooth condition
  2. Extraction and immediate placement of the implant
  3. Assessment of implant stability
  4. Possible placement of a temporary restoration
  5. Healing and osseointegration of the implant
  6. Placement of the final restoration
  7. Regular follow-up appointments for monitoring and maintenance

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